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Vacuum Loading For Liquid Waste Removal

The Smart Way:  To remove your liquid waste

Whether you need to remove 200 cbm from your site pond, or 3 cbm from your retaining wall post holes, Southeys Group can offer you a cost effective solution.
Our modern fleet of vacuum loading trucks and high volume trailers (3000 – 25000 litres) are designed to meet your needs efficiently and cost effectively.
We pride ourselves in our solution-orientated approach; a company that genuinely puts  customers’ needs first.  With our own disposal site, we can offer you a genuine turn-key solution at competitive rates for all your liquid waste needs.
Our capabilities include:
  • High volume waste removal
  • Emergency spill response
  • Waste disposal
  • Tank cleaning
  • Powerful vacuums for difficult access (vertical or horizontal)
  • Removal of build-up (fats, silts, detritus, solids)
  • Cesspits, septic and soak pits
Southeys Group will not let you down.  Having the right equipment to meet your exactly demands, coupled with a can-do attitude to every job, ensures you can trust us to deliver 100% of the time.
Call us today and experience the Southeys Group attention to detail and attention to your needs.  We stand by our service; you will not find a more responsive attitude to your needs.

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