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Hydro Excavation Services

The Smart Way:  To protect underground assets

As the innovators of Hydro Excavation in New Zealand, Southeys Group have amassed considerable experience in this exciting evolution in safe digging.  By using pressurised water to cut through the substrate with high capacity vacuum suction, our hydro excavators offer a far safer and faster way to dig than by hand.
Our digging methodologies learnt over the past five years allow us to tackle even the most complex of jobs.  Whether its deep slot trenching, under boring concrete up to 6 metres, or excavating in difficult to access areas, Southeys Group has the experience to meet your needs.
Our hydro excavators have been designed and built in New Zealand to offer unparalleled performance.

The benefits are clear:
  • Cost effective, risk free digging around valuable underground assets
  • Precision digging in difficult to access locations
  • At least three times faster than hand digging
  • Single unit offering clean and efficient removal of all waste from site
  • Experienced crews dedicated to the art of hydro excavation
  • No service interruptions; reputational integrity 

We back ourselves to be the best in the business; try the Southeys difference and Book Now for your free demonstration.

We back ourselves to be the best in the business;
try the Southeys difference.

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